Moulded Panel Door Series

KALPATARU offers a series of sturdy, long lasting and stylish doors to make your home charming and beautiful. We manufacture a range of top quality Moulded Panel Doors in association with MASONITE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION- USA, the No.1 company in Moulded Panel Door components worldwide.

Masonite delivers an excellent line of high quality fiber door skins under two leading brands:

MS: Masonite (Chilli and Laurel), own manufacturing unit.

MF: Magna Foremost (Bintulu, Malaysia), a joint venture manufacturing unit of Masonite.

Kalpataru Moulded Panel Doors are available in a wide range of widths, heights and thickness. They are preprimed for easy and smooth finishing. Plus, our doors are bonded using Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin conforming to BWP grade of IS:848.

These beautiful doors are available in smooth and textured surfaces with matching bifolds to suite any décor. They are meant for interior use only.

Core material options: Honeycomb core, Ecolax core, Tubler core and Timber core.


moulded-table moulded-table-2 moulded-table-3